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Exclusive Sabah Private Tours

Rafflesia Excursions Holidays

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Personalised Your Itinerary

Customize your Sabah tour, we’ll do it for you. We’re here to support whatever you want to do while you’re in Sabah whether that means going all out on a sightseeing trip or just casually exploring the city.

Our Expertise, Your Adventure!


We are truly grateful for the experiences you gave us during our KK trip.


We really thank the handsome, enthusiastic and kind tour guide and driver for accompanying us.

It's a pity to have so little time to spend with this beautiful KK but we will return and have a booking with you if we have a chance.


Best wishes.

Ms Ann, Vietnam

Best Memories Guaranteed!


Quality is our top priority, and we're committed to using our expertise and intuition to provide a great experience. We offer flexible, friendly service at every step of your journey!


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Tailored to Perfection!

These popular packages are just the beginning of your extraordinary travel adventure with Rafflesia Excursions Holidays. Get ready to explore the world with us, one unforgettable moment at a time.

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